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Give your developers time back with fixes you can trust

Turn mountains of depressing SAST findings into code fixes with Mobb's developer-first automated secure code remediation.
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Graduate with Mobb from Application Security Testing to Application Security Remediation

Scanning for security vulnerabilities is excellent, but on its own, it will not improve your security posture. It simply generates vast number of results that burden your developers, competes with business-generating imperatives, and hurts productivity.

This is where Mobb comes in. Mobb is the next evolution of application security. It allows you to enhance your current automated security testing with automated remediation.


Mobb helps your engineers focus on the work that matters.

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Eliminate Pain

Developers can quickly rid themselves of security tasks by applying suggested code.

Increase Productivity

Developers are freed to spend more time on value-generating tasks to support business objectives.


Security vulnerabilities are fixed better, faster.


Fixes Take Time

Static Analysis tools may report thousands of findings in a single scan.

Over two thirds of SAST reported findings remain open 3 months after detection, 50% are still opened after 290 days.
*according to Veracode’s State of Software Security V12

Fixes Cost Serious Money

The effective cost of fixing a single detected security vulnerability may reach $1,000s. The cost of closing a false positive is often even higher. 

Most developers lack secure coding knowledge, making it impossible for them to fix security vulnerabilities properly.

Save up to 1000 dev hours per year!

Use our remediation cost calculator to see how much you spend today.

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